Tuesday, 15 September 2009

10 Interesting images

This image is by Joseph Hart. he's on the line of fine artist/illustrator. i enjoy this image for no other reason then i get lost in it and it just queries my mind.

Such a sweet website. My girlfriend introduced me and since, i have checked it everyday. so good for finding new people in the creative industry and good inspiration. This is an image of one of their t shirts and its good to see a smiley face in a new concept.

This film is badass thats why this is here.

This is the best film ive seen this year and only beat district 9 and antichrist due to loving it and the soundtrack lots.

This is by a tattoo artist who tattoo's at shangri la tattoos in shoreditch way. His name is liam and im a big fan of animals and this fox is just amazing.

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