Wednesday, 16 September 2009

10 Interesting images

This type is by Jordan Awan. a NY based illustrator i tried to imitate this type of text before and it takes a lot of patience.

Benjamin Phillips is an illustrator who ive recently found and he does such creative etchings he also did the Peggy sue and pirates album artwork. this is one of a wolf and is some amazing etch work.

Amazing stuff by Aakash Nihalani. using tape to create shapes from ordinary objects of simple life. Some of the images are funny but also just aesthetically pleasing.

Wes lang is a NY based fine artist/ illegal tattoist. his work is great such a messy compilation of things. it feels like a vintage or charity shop. especially like my local one 'flog it and leg it'.

Brighton based Rosie Gainsborough is just going into her third year at brighton but she has amazing positioning through her work and her ideas are so delightful like cream teas or something.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

10 Interesting images

This image is by Joseph Hart. he's on the line of fine artist/illustrator. i enjoy this image for no other reason then i get lost in it and it just queries my mind.

Such a sweet website. My girlfriend introduced me and since, i have checked it everyday. so good for finding new people in the creative industry and good inspiration. This is an image of one of their t shirts and its good to see a smiley face in a new concept.

This film is badass thats why this is here.

This is the best film ive seen this year and only beat district 9 and antichrist due to loving it and the soundtrack lots.

This is by a tattoo artist who tattoo's at shangri la tattoos in shoreditch way. His name is liam and im a big fan of animals and this fox is just amazing.