Thursday, 30 April 2009

Old recycling

Found some old foundation images on the recycling theme. I think we had to use plastic in some new way so i just carried on with pens.


A few sketchbook pages and how i work.

Polarbears and women

Opinion illustration on the woman who jumped in a polar bear pen and survived. What a idiot. I am making a decorative and an informative piece to go with this. Soon to come.

U.S.A. and China

A illustration for a informative brief i did the row over the U.S.A. in China's water.

Im no stalker.


Bournemouth locals

Digital imaging: Human language

These are images from a digital imaging brief. We were to use current digital technology to create images. I went with a different technique and applied drawn images over photos then digitally applied them together. Each image represents a different aspect of human language.

Thesus and the Minoatuar: Narrative brief

So we got set a narrative brief on old Greek myths.I choose Thesus and the minotaur due to the amount of endless illustration points you could draw. I came up with these final images.